Various Science Topics That You Should Teach Using Digital Interactive Notebooks

08 Jun

People are employing technology in doing a lot of different activities including teaching science. Science is an interesting subject and teaching it should be so much fun. There are digital interactive notebooks which help to teach science in ways that are the best. For instance, you will be able to teach correct science facts to your students by using digital interactive notebooks, which you will otherwise misinterpret and teach the wrong thing if you read from traditional books that do not explain better. This article touches on the various science topics which you should teach using interactive digital notebooks.

One of the science topics is body systems. You can easily purchase a digital interactive notebook from Teach Science With Fergy on body systems online. Some of the chapters included in this digital interactive notebook include the digestive system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the excretory system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and many others. The notebook also comes with extras like interactive activities, embedded videos inside slides, questions and drawings among many other things, which will be useful for the understanding of the subject by the students.

You can also teach chemistry using cellular respiration lab activity notebooks. Chemistry is one subject that most learners find great difficulty in understanding it. If you have been teaching chemistry to students and getting mediocre results from them, using digital interactive notebooks will help to boost your students’ understanding, and hence, their pass rates. Among the many chapters which you will be able to teach using digital interactive notebooks include ions, ionic compounds, polyatomic compounds, molecular compounds, chemical reactions, balancing chemical equations, types of chemical reactions and many more. You will also find calculation questions, interactive activities, videos which play along with questions, research questions, and a lot more that will help the knowledge of chemistry sink well among your students.

There is also a digital interactive notebook on climate change. Teaching about climate change and its effects will be so much easier when you use digital interactive notebooks. Technology can help students to understand the things that bring about climate change and the results of the same through a video. Among the activities which you can find in interactive notebooks relating to climate change include weather and climate, earth’s climate system, greenhouse effect, effects of climate change and so much more. Digital interactive notebooks can help to save you the effort of making charts for illustration purposes. Should you wish to learn more about education, visit

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